Think Like Da Vinci // Michael J. Gelb


An impressive deconstruction of the many facets of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius. A great book to enhance your curiosity, creativity, and awareness.

In 3 sentences:

Intelligence encompasses much more than just analytical thinking – it involves various aspects of your mental and physical world.

Leonardo da Vinci is arguably the greatest genius of all time, being an original thinker with a versatile approach and universal vision.

There are seven steps to boosting your everyday genius: Curiosita, Dimostrazione, Sensazione, Sfumato, Arte/Scienza, Corporalita and Connessione (they are explained with exercises in the book – too long to include here, sorry!)

Read it if:

You like self-help books with lots of ideas and exercises to work through.

You have varied interests and would love to learn about a range of things, including being able to draw better, sharpen your senses, develop your analytical side and grow your curiosity.

You like a multidimensional approach to intelligence.

Skip it if:

You don’t like lengthy build-ups.

You prefer to develop and focus on one aspect of your intelligence at a time.

You don’t want excessive hero praise in your self-help books.

Goodreads Rating: 3.67 / 5

Length: 224 pages

Buy the book: Think Like Da Vinci: 7 Easy Steps to Boosting Your Everyday Genius

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