The Inner Game of Tennis // W. Timothy Gallwey


A quick read packed with lasting insights. The Inner Game of Tennis explores focus, mindfulness, and an effortless approach to life through the medium of tennis. A valuable book for players and non-players alike.

In 3 sentences:

Your mind contains two “selves”: Self 1 is the conscious, deliberate “teller” (ego) that issues instructions, and Self 2 is the unconscious, automatic “doer” that carries out instructions.

Self 2 actually does the grunt work, and performs much better if Self 1 relinquishes control and stops chasing a feeling of accomplishment.

Use correcting techniques more in line with Self 2, and cultivate non-judgemental awareness to let Self 2 improve your performance.

Read it if:

You’re struggling to improve your performance at a sport.

You enjoy tennis (or any competitive sport), and want to understand the mindset behind approaching and developing your practice.

You’re exploring a peaceful, mindful approach to living your life.

Skip it if:

You want tactical tips on how to improve your tennis performance – this book is heavily focused on mindset.

You dislike tennis.

You’re wary of concepts that come across as zen and new-agey.

Goodreads Rating:  4.24 / 5

Length: 134 pages

Buy the book: The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance

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