The Art of Seduction // Robert Greene


An amoral approach to seduction as a form of power in our day-to-day lives. Thoroughly backed with anecdotes and examples from history and politics.

In 3 sentences:

Seduction is a form of power and is inherently amoral – seducers view seduction as a game and the world as their playground.

There are distinct types of seducers – you should find your seductive character and develop those traits to maximise your potential.

Root out antiseductive qualities in yourself, work on understanding the people you’re aiming to seduce, and tailor your approach to their responses.

Read it if:

You enjoy a fluid, almost poetic style of writing.

You like books with lots of historical anecdotes and examples of applications.

You’re able to take the lessons and information from books with a grain of salt.

Skip it if:

You’re looking for a how-to book with clear instructions and testable methods – this focuses more on building a perspective.

You want the facts without any of the anecdotes or long-winded explanations.

You consider yourself to be a moral person – the techniques outlined range from deceptive to downright manipulative.

Goodreads Rating: 4.06 / 5

Length: 466 pages

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