Show Your Work! // Austin Kleon

Show Your Work! // Austin Kleon


A short, concise primer about showcasing your work and getting noticed. Focuses on constructive self-promotion and building your personal brand, especially in a creative field.

In 3 sentences:

In this day and age, if your work is not on the internet, it practically doesn’t exist.

Everything you share tells a story about you – instead of using social media for random posts and pictures, reveal parts of your inspiration and work.

Find and foster a community of like-minded people, both online and in person.

Read it if:

You hate the idea of networking and sucking up to get your work recognised.

You’re a struggling creative who thinks it’s unnecessary to spend time on social media.

You enjoy good ideas in short, digestible nuggets.

You like light, quick reads that leave you feeling inspired.

Skip it if:

You don’t like disjointed, unsubstantiated ideas.

You want thorough, precise instructions on how to showcase and market your work.

You don’t have the need to establish a personal brand (you either work for someone else, are in a field where your work already has a platform, or have a job assessed by results-based metrics).

Goodreads Rating:  4.13 / 5

Length: 224 pages

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