Revolution // Russell Brand


A funny and well substantiated commentary on the current socioeconomic system, Russell’s relationship with it, and the need for large scale reform.

In 3 sentences:

We need to question the current socioeconomic structure of the world – it only serves the rich and powerful, and neglects the best interests of most of the people.

There is power in numbers – if enough of us stay informed and affect positive change, we can make a world that’s better for us.

Global change stems from personal change in the form of meditation, compassion and awareness of being part of a whole – revolutions begin from within.

Read it if:

You want accessible and entertaining insights into the sociopolitical state of the world.

You’d like some pointers to start thinking about how an ideal society should function.

Skip it if:

You prefer reading objective, impersonal approaches to such ideas.

You have very little interest in the news and economic commentary.

Goodreads Rating: 3.66 / 5

Length: 320 pages

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