Influence // Robert Cialdini

People are susceptible to persuasion without consciously realising it. Influence dives into how persuasive tactics are used on us, and how we can operate more deliberately in a world where we are bombarded by them.

In 3 sentences:

When making decisions, people have a few blind spots that they aren’t consciously aware of.

Six groups of techniques can exploit these blind spots and manipulate us outside our conscious awareness.

Understanding these techniques can help us persuade people, and recognise when we are being manipulated.

Read it if:

You work in sales, marketing, or any profession where you need to persuade people.

You want to immunize yourself against people/organisations trying to sell you things.

You’re interested in human psychology and behaviour.

You have a fairly amoral outlook on persuasion and manipulation.

Skip it if:

You don’t like long anecdotes – a summary of the book might work better for you in this case.

Goodreads Rating:  4.18 / 5

Length: 320 pages

Buy the book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

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