Cosmos // Carl Sagan


There are books that entertain you, and there are books that shape the way you look at the world. Cosmos is part of the latter. It’s a book with a beautifully poetic outlook on science and the Universe.

In 3 sentences:

The Universe is a mysterious place, but science is helping us to scrape the surface and understand the rules that govern our giant home.

Our planet is rare (if not isolated) in its capacity for life, and we should consider all our decisions, issues and outlooks with that in mind.

{Loads of interesting tidbits about planets, stars, galaxies, evolution, religion, philosophy, history and politics that are impossible to capture in one sentence!}

Read it if:

You’re curious about astronomy, and would like an entertaining, accessible doorway into the science.

You like books that invite philosophical and existential questions.

You’re a big-picture person – you appreciate underlying connections between seemingly unrelated concepts and ideas.

Skip it if:

You like books that stick to a single concept or idea instead of hopping around.

You prefer prosaic, straightforward literature.

Goodreads Rating: 4.35 / 5

Length: 384 pages

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