Brave New World // Aldous Huxley


A thought-provoking piece of dystopian science fiction, mirroring many aspects of the current state of society. A small book exploring big issues.

Read it if:

You pride yourself on reading classic novels.

You like examining and contemplating societal structures, systems, and how they treat misfits and outcasts.

You like your novels to contain some social commentary, and enjoy drawing parallels between fiction and the real world.

Skip it if:

You don’t enjoy books that are dark and uncomfortable.

You don’t like excessive descriptive details.

You want a novel with relatable characters – this book has starkly opposing ideologies that border on extremes, it might be difficult to develop an affection for any one character.

You’re sensitive to racism, gender discrimination and class segragation – this book was written in the 1930s when world views were very different, and this makes itself evident in the writing.

Goodreads rating: 3.97 / 5

Length: 268 pages

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