Origin // Dan Brown


A characteristic Dan Brown novel exploring recognisable tension between science, technology, and religion. Engaging, approachable, and impressively informative.

Read it if:

You otherwise avoid fiction because you don’t learn anything from it (all the art, science, locations and organisations in the book are factual, and thoroughly researched by the author).

You’ve enjoyed Dan Brown’s other novels, and are interested in seeing him challenge current philosophical questions and explore modern art.

You like exploring and contemplating different viewpoints on religion and atheism.

You like fast paced novels, and enjoy a solid build-up.

Skip it if:

You prefer your novel to flow from beginning to end – you don’t like novels that change between perspectives of characters, or switch tenses.

You like believable plots and immaculate prose – this book was written to entertain, not be realistic.

You don’t like a very visually descriptive style of writing – it’s hard for you to conjure up images of what’s being described.

You prefer your facts delivered to you in a discernibly factual manner.

This is your first encounter with a Dan Brown novel, especially the Robert Langdon series (start with Angels and Demons/ The Da Vinci Code).

Goodreads Rating: 3.95 / 5

Length: 461 pages

Buy the book: Origin: (Robert Langdon Book 5)

If you enjoyed this, check out:

Robert Langdon Books 1 to 4 – Dan Brown

Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

Deception Point – Dan Brown

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